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  Guixi xin industrial co., LTD(以下简称鑫发实业)Located in the jiangxi yingtan(Guixi)Copper industry circulation economy base,2012Years to break ground,2017Completed and put into operation。Registered capital of the company5000Ten thousand yuan,Cover an area of an area209m。   

  Xin sends the industry to the annual production capacity of cathode copper30000Tons,Tin ingots6000Tons,Bismuth ingot1000Tons,Lead ingots500Tons,Is area in jiangxi province high-tech enterprises。The company insists on the concept of innovation and development,Spend a lot of money each year for product research and development、Process improvement。R&d center is equipped with atomic absorption analyzer、Gas chromatographic analyzer and other high-end instrumentation facilities...

Guixi xin industrial co., LTD

Guixi xinfa industrial co. LTD

  • Copper prices are expected to stabilize rebound

    Copper prices are expected to stabilize rebound

Matte is also called copper matte。The main components forCu2SAndFeSThe melt,Is the middle of the refining crude copper products and raw materials。Most copper ore of copper sulfide(CuSAndCu2S)The ore,Copper oxide(CuOAndCu2O)Mine is less,Copper content are very low(1.0%The left and right sides)。Copper smelting method and wet method two kinds。Fire is the copper broken、Flotation、Sintering、Building block in copper concentrate,Copper10%~35%,With flux into the furnace or in blast furnace,In the high temperature(1550~1600℃)Under the oxidation、Desulfurization and removing impurities,For copper35%~50%The matte。Also not through
2019To start business|The pig sail new journey
End of the lunar New Year holiday!In this there is permeated with a breath of spring days,We are,The official start of the work!Big NianChuQi,To start business!Thriving,The pig!In full of opportunities and challenges2019,We are not in the past,Not to hard stop forward,Know when to go,To whole,With confidence,Open new journey!2019,Have you hand in hand,The future is more wonderful!We believe in,Under the joint efforts of all staff,The company partners and friends from all walks of life support for help,We will be able to realize our dream!
Welcome2019,Guixi xin industrial co., LTD. I wish you all a happy New Year's day
Welcome2019,I wish you all a happy New Year's day2018In the end,Is brand new2019Years,Guixi xin hair industrial co., LTD. All staff wish you a happy New Year!To you in the New Year in good health,All the best!Good luck,Good circle circle,Good dream, sweet。New Year new hope,When there is a new as in the New Year。2019Years,Guixi xin hair industrial co., LTD will bring you better service,Wish you healthy again、The work is smooth、Career progress、A happy family!
Raw material purchasing information
【Raw material purchasing】The company around bright for long lead materials:???Lead copper mud、Lead slime,Containing tin lead mud,Lead ash,?Lead matte、Matte、Copper ash,Copper mud,In addition to copper lead slag(Black slag、Lead dross)、Copper materials,Bismuth copper slag、Lead bismuth material,If you have above material friends please contact me。Company sales(Blister copper、Crude lead)。【Contact information】18770112888,The company waste professional full range of CARDS。?(Intermediary for pay,Credibility is given priority to,Sharing business opportunities,Win-win cooperation)
Copper prices Rebound is expected to be stabilising
10Since the middle of month,Non-ferrous metal oscillation in whole,But the trend obvious differentiation among various varieties,Led by phase aluminum copper against fall,Logic behind lies in the difference between supply and demand。Aluminium prices the main reason lies in the reform of the supply side,No this concerns and copper。Looking to the afternoon,The global manufacturing industryPMIIs on the mend,And the dollar index continued weakness will give copper price support,So by the time of copper passive callback,Underweight funds returned,Rebound is expected to drive prices gradually stabilising。?  The macro environment better?  To enter12Month,As a key leading indicator,The global manufacturing industryPMIShowed signs of improvement。

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